How it works?

  • You sign up for a free account with
  • Login to our site when you shop online and pick from more than 1000 of your favourite shops, supermarkets and services. Use the links on our site to visit the retailer and make your purchase as usual.
  • Your transaction is tracked electronically. The advertised cashback amount should show in your account as "pending" within a week or so.
  • After a returns and validation period, when the retailer pays us the commission, the cashback amount will show as "approved" in your account.
  • Once you have more than £25 approved in your account, we send you the cashback either as a cheque or via paypal, as you choose.
  • You can also earn £5 for each friend you refer and earn free cash for completing offers, trials and availing freebies.


Frequently asked questions


1.Is your service completely free?
Yes, our service has been completely free of cost to you since 2002 and it will remain the same. We will never charge you a membership fee or any hidden fees. Your membership to our service will be free for life.
2.How can you send free cashback for my usual purchases?
When you use our links to go to a merchant and buy a product or a service, we get paid a referral commission. We share a major chunk of this commission back to you as cashback.
3.Where is the money coming from?
This money comes from the merchants marketing budget and not from you. Many other websites you use to shop online keep the referral commissions to themselves (and don't even tell you about it). We share this commission with you and send you cashback payments.
4. Is it cheaper to buy direct from the merchant�s website? Do I pay more by using your links?
No you do not pay ANYTHING extra. You pay the same price whether you buy directly or through our website. In fact you are likely to pay less as we have many discount vouchers, sale information and special offers on our site. You use your favourite shops, pay the same or even less, just earn extra cashback.
5.What is the catch?
There is no catch. You just earn extra cashback for the things you buy anyway.
6.How do you make your money?
When the merchants pay us commission for referring your sale, we pay you a major portion of it as cashback (Typically 50% to 75%, depending on the merchant). We keep the rest of it. The friend referral bonuses and welcome bonus come out of the money we retain.
7.How can I trust you will pay the cashback? is one of the first reward shopping portals in the UK. We have been paying cashback to our members since 2002. We continue to pay out tens of thousands of pounds in cashback to our members. Our company is based in the UK and we comply with all UK laws including the data protection act.
8.Can I cancel my membership anytime?
Your membership is free and you can cancel anytime. There is no minimum or maximum period of our membership.
9.How much cashback can I earn?
There is no minimum or maximum amounts of cashback you can earn. The potential is huge.


Here is an average of what a typical online shopper can earn in a year:

Gifts, CDs, Clothing:£120
Mobile Phones:£100
Car Insurance:£120
Home Insurance:£60
Free Trials, Surveys, Freebies:£90
Referring 10 Friends:£50
Credit Cards:£50

Total Cashback Earnings:£700

(These figures are based on our experience of our member purchases and the cashback you can earn can vary depending on what you buy. Many of our members earn much more than what is quoted here)

10.Will you send me junk mail?
We will usually not contact you by post unless you ask us to, or if there is something important and we are unable to get hold of you by email. We will never send you marketing letters by post. We do send newsletters to our members, usually monthly with special offers and voucher codes. You can unsubscribe to these if you want. We will never sell or rent your details to anyone. See our privacy policy.
11.How will I get my cashback?
We send you cheques or paypal payments every month, providing you have more than more than £25 in your account in approved balance.


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For more answers to your questions and to contact us, please visit our Helpdesk.

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